Peter/Wendy Auditions

Description: This is a blanket booking of the Aud for final rehearsals for our production of Peter/Wendy as we prepare for the Ontario Drama Festival. We will be in the final weeks of set construction, costuming, props, etc. which will all be stored in the Aud while we rehearse.

We will try to be as accommodating as possible with the space during the day, so please let Garth Graham AND Pierre Sandor know if you need to use the space at any point during this booking.
Confirmation status: Confirmed
Room: Auditorium - Auditorium
Start time: Before School, Wednesday 14 February 2018
Duration: 6 days
End time: After School, Monday 19 February 2018
Type: Internal
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Last updated: 22:59:06 - Sunday 04 February 2018
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